Fine Art Commissions

Venetian Mask - Oil on Canvass (Private Collection)

Good composition provides harmony, balance and symmetry.


Herefordshire landscape - Oil on canvas 130cm x 30cm


How to place your fine art commission

If you would like to commission a portrait or a bespoke piece of art please contact the studio to discuss detail and make arrangements for a sitting.

We will endeavour to provide estimated time scales and appropriate fees at that time.

Focus on the detail

All paintings are produced using traditional methods. The time a painting takes depends on physical size of canvas and detail required within the works.

We will endeavour to provide estimated time scales at time of commission.

On location

If not in the studio Andrew always takes the opportunity to be on location gathering essential detail required for next painting.

Arrangements can be made for sittings on location as and when necessary.

“Commissions are by their very nature bespoke pieces of art, as individual as the patron themselves” ©

Please make enquiries directly to studio. We will then contact you shortly afterwards to make arrangements and discuss your commission in more detail.

Endeavour to provide estimated time scales, and appropriate fees at time of enquiry.